Why Would I Need A Grab Lorry?

   20 October 2022

Unlike a standard tipper lorry or ‘straight tipper’, a grab lorry has a hydraulic arm with a ‘clamshell’ or ‘grab’ attachment on the end. This allows the lorry to load itself as opposed to a ‘straight’ tipper lorry which needs a large digger or other type of machinery to load it up with earth or whatever.

Grab Lorry

What Is The Purpose Of A Grab Lorry?

Grab lorries are great for taking your muck away, generally speaking (And bringing material in but we’ll talk about that in a bit.) Simply pile your muck/earth/hardcore up and we’ll come and take it away! Ideal for all types of construction and landscape projects. 

What types of waste can be taken away on a grab lorry?

Well, generally ‘inert’ waste such as muck, earth, hardcore, that type of thing. We can also take away green waste, but please don’t mix it up with the muck, the two types of waste have to be separated! We absolutely cannot take ‘mixed waste’ such as wood, plastic, general waste and muck mixed with vegetation, such as a garden clearance or site ‘scrape’. If you have mostly inert waste mixed with a small amount of vegetation, we may be able to take it for an additional surcharge, but only at the driver’s discretion. For different types of waste mixed together, you’re generally going to need a skip.


How far can the lorry grab the waste from? How far can a grab lorry reach?

Generally 7.5 metres maximum for an 8-wheel grab and 4 metres for a 4-wheel grab. That is the furthest the muck can be from the side of where the lorry will pull up, but ideally closer if you can please.


Can a grab lorry grab ‘over the cab’ ?

No it cannot! The waste needs to be piled up so that we can pull up ‘alongside’ it, we cannot grab off the back of our lorry, nor can we grab over the cab. No ifs no buts, if we can’t pull up alongside your waste, we cannot load it.


Can materials be delivered on a grab lorry?

Yes, absolutely! In fact that’s 50% of our business, delivering various types of aggregate and materials. We can either tip the material up, as a ‘straight tipper’ would, or we can grab the material off, handy for grabbing over a wall or into a dumper. All we ask is that you let our office know when making your booking, just so we can know to allow a little bit more time on site. We supply many types of aggregates and materials, ranging from Type 1 MOT and recycled hardcore, different types of sands and ballast, different types of gravel and all manner of decorative aggregates. 

Other advantages of a Grab Lorry

We can’t do much else with our grab lorries, except…. We can use them to lift a micro-digger over a wall or a fence! Visit our plant hire page here https://www.jwclarkltd.co.uk/plant-hire/ 


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