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Kids on Diggerz

   6 February 2018

Kids on Diggerz
We all know that most kids love diggers. We know this from the fact that parents and their children often stop to watch us operating diggers on sites or whilst working in the road. We also know that children and site machinery don’t always mix, obviously diggers are very, very dangerous!!!!

But we have made the executive decision that children are quite safe on diggers - if we just take the key out! They don’t even need to wear a hi-viz jacket or a hard hat, they’ll still be quite safe! Nothing to worry about!

So, if you ever see one of our diggers and you want to plonk your child in the driver’s seat, just ask! Obviously, we’ll assess each individual situation to ensure that it is completely safe, and of course…. we’ll always take the key out!

Alternatively, if you have any pictures of Kids on Diggers, please feel free to share them with us.

Why are we doing this?

Because life and work are normally very, very serious! Whereas kids on diggers is a bit of fun! So please help us to spread the fun!

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